Monday, April 7, 2014

Photography Styling Challenge #10 - Light

This month the challenge was 'Light' - Was easy and difficult to interpret at the same time. 
Easy - because 'Light' can be photographed in so many forms - Sun Rays, Sunrise, Sunset, those beautiful lights during the festival season, shadows, rainbows, lightening....... oh this list will be endless.
Difficult - because 'Light', how can it be styled? It has a form and style of its own. So, styling light is what made it difficult for me, a person who is style handicapped.

Jokes apart - my mind started racing. Since I like to shoot in natural light, I wanted to make this one special too. I used the natural light of the tea-lights in my shoot and used the effect that light created from inside the cut-glass container/candle holder as a style. Hope it worked.

I used my canon 70D for shoot along with my 18mm-200mm lens. I used a white as well as a black background for the pictures. Clicked the pictures in a dark room to only use the light from the candles. The styling was simple as I used a 'Buddha' statue and those cut glass tea-light holders as the props.

Here are the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Do not forget to check what the other participants had to say about the challenge through their pictures.

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  1. Hi Samta! I love these photographs! They have a very mystical feel to them, created by the flickering candle light. Well done! x

    1. Thank you Roxy!
      Words of encouragement and good advice makes me do better always.

  2. Hi Samta! It's so great to see minds think alike. So many were adventurous enough to shoot in the dark this month. I love the candle holders and the texture they impart. Awesome.

  3. Hey Samta, love your take on Light! Beautifully captured!

  4. Hi Samta,
    I love that candle holder. Lovely ethereal glow in all the pictures. The second one is my fave!
    - Anjana.

  5. Gorgeous images! I love how you've captured light in such a mulit-faceted container thereby producing so many interesting reflections. ~M.


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