Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Photography Styling Challenge #11 - Living Room

Wow! already at #11 of the Photography Styling Challenge. Another one next month and then its done. I hope and pray that Redesigned by M comes up with something new to get our creative and thinking caps on once these 12 challenges get over.
I joined this group only in March 2014 - from Challenge #9 onwards - and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Well, this month the theme was 'Living Room'.
Before I put my pictures - let me talk a bit about our living room. We moved into this house in June 2013. It became home instantly. The previous owners had converted their 2 car attached garage into a huge family room - and this was what sold the house to us. We entertain a lot and having an open feel was what we were looking for when we were house hunting.
Well, after we moved - we changed the entire concept - the family room became our living room. The old family room became our dining room. The dining room became our family room.............. where all of my kiddos toys are forever scattered and this is the place where we spend most of our time together as a family. And ofcorse the old tiny living room (the original one) became my photo studio with all the bells and whistles.  Sorry to have confused you all with the room by room description.

Coming to the Living room - We have painted one wall a burgundy type red color and that color also goes over our brick fireplace. The other walls are given a beige/moss kind of color. We do have a black leather couch which is in an "L" shape. There is a 5 piece light just above the corner of the couch. The fireplace mantle has our pictures put on it. The wall above the fireplace has a metal showpiece which goes well with the color. Ofcorse since its summer and we do not use the fireplace -  I have my plants near the fireplace - there is the jasmine creeper, the hibiscus plant and I have 3 ore pots where the plants are yet to bloom - we have the curry leaf plant there, thai basil and the holy basil. We also have 2 flower paintings that my mom made and gifted to us when she visited from India. Its a nice and quite room which is generally used when we have guests over. We do have a huge TV there along with the Wii game console - yes.......... when our friends visit, its always an overnight thing where we end up dancing to the latest 'Just Dance' stuff and ofcorse watching movies comes naturally.
We love that room just the way it is - minimal stuff around - enhancement only with the wall colors and the curtains. Since we have a east facing window here - we get ample sunlight early in the morning and the room just looks great. However, today was a cloudy day and hence the pictures are a bit dull as I have used only the lights from the lamp and the focus light over the fireplace.

I clicked the pictures using my canon 70D with the 18mm to 200mm lens and no flash was used.

Here are the pictures.

Couch and the 5 head lamp with the contrasting curtains (contrast with the wall paint)
The brick fireplace and the mantle. The mantle has all our pictures, the plants in front of the fireplace and the 2 flower paintings my mom made for us.

The metal showpiece above the fireplace. This was gifted to us by a friend as a housewarming gift.

My mom believes in Feng Shui and she gifted this wind chime to us, which sits on the ceiling just above the couch.

The couch and the 5 headed light with the curtains opened. I do always keep a sheer on just for privacy.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Do not forget to check what the other participants had to say about the challenge through their pictures.

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  1. Ooh, a fireplace! That looks pretty :) Just some advice on the photography. I would have done the shots at a different time of dat as the photos are really dark. I would have liked the first photo better with the curtains open. You can see that your last pic looks much better with open curtains. Also try change your white balance to indoor and set your ISO a lot higher if you're shooting without flash.

    Cool. Hope this helps.

    1. Yup Dillon - its a beautiful fireplace. Helped us during this long and severe winter.
      I agree with all your feedback. I will try and take the pictures again with your advice.
      Thanks again.

  2. Dillon gave some great advice. I, too, thought the first image was really dark. It was hard to make out the black sofa, but it's much brighter in the last image. There are a lot of shadows in the second photo as well, which distracts from all the elements in the image. I would've maybe played with removing a few of the picture frames or the plants or the pots in front of the fireplace, just to declutter a bit. ~M.

    1. Thanks M
      I appreciate your candid feedback. Lots to learn.
      I will try and take the pictures again with all the advice.
      Thanks again.

  3. I agree with Dillon too. The photos are sort of dark. I feel it is best to capture dark walls with maximum natural daylight. Love your tall, cool lamp!
    - Anjana.


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