Monday, March 3, 2014

Photography Styling Challenge #9 - Fashion

A very happy Monday to everyone. A wonderful and happy Monday here simply because we did not get as much snow as was predicted. No snow blower needed and no shoveling either. 

Well, this is the very first time I am being a part of a photography styling challenge. I stumbled upon redesignedbyM quite by chance. Saw this challenge and the beautiful work done by all of them and wanted to be a part of this group.

A little about myself here - I am a stay at home Mom to a soon to be 4 year old beautiful baby girl. Taking pictures was always a hobby and after buying my first SLR - a Canon Eos Xsi Rebel back in 2007 - this hobby turned into a passion. After the birth of our baby girl in 2010, it was fun to dress her up and take her pictures. I have more then 15000 odd pictures of her alone. Last year my husband gifted me a Canon 70D for Christmas - and have I fallen in love again - well, yes!
I had an empty room in my house - which we have converted into a studio. There is the umbrella lighting and the muslin backdrop with green, black & white muslin. I am still learning and hope to learn more through this challenge all about styling.
This is the #9 challenge that everyone is doing - but, its the first one for me. I am hoping to do the previous eight challenges too in some time.

About this months challenge - it was about fashion. I am not a fashion photographer - and the only models I work with are my hubby and my baby - both of who can make it very difficult if you try to dress them up and ask them to pose. So, after a lot of thought and a lot of going back and forth - I decided to dress my amazing camera bag from Jo Totes. People from India who have watched the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' will surely get this concept where one of the stars dressed up a Herm├Ęs Kelly handbag as the character ‘‘Bagwati’’
Well - this bag is not as expensive as the one in the movie - but, its the very first time I indulged in such a bag treat and hence the theme and concept sounded pretty much apt.

I used my Canon 70D for all the pictures using the white muslin as a background. Shot it in natural light in the studio room in my house. Used the Canon 50 mm lens and also the Canon 18 mm to 200 mm Lens. I just cropped them a bit here and there before posting.

Here are the pictures

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Do not forget to check what the other participants had to say about the challenge through their pictures.

Redesigned by M
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My Food Tapestry
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  1. Hi Samta! These are lovely photographs. That scarf is just so pretty and works beautifully bringing out the soft grey tones of your bag. I love the lighting, I am a HUGE fan of natural light. Well done of your first submission! Looking forward to seeing many more from you :)
    Roxy (CityGirlSearching)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Roxy.
      Just like you - I am fan of natural light too.

  2. Hi Samta,
    You are a talented photographer! I love your setup.
    The first pic is my favorite. It shows off the details of the bag perfectly.
    - Anjana.

    1. Thank you Anjana.
      I am trying to get better with each passing day. Its a hobby which has become a passion - just like cooking :)

      Well - my husband liked the first picture too - he said exactly what you wrote.
      Thanks again

  3. Welcome to the challenge! This is a camera bag? You coulda fooled me! I am now very ashamed of my run-of-the-mill black camera bag that came with my cam. That said, this was a pretty interesting shoot. I do wish we had got to see the bag in more angles, I am a sucker for up top poses. I should find a new camera bag now :D

    1. Thank you for the welcome Vaishnavi.
      Well - when I saw this bag on a friends facebook page I wanted one immediately. It looks stylish and makes you feel good about carrying your camera around.
      I used to carry the black camera bag or the haversack before 'bagwati' came along :)
      Yeah - I should have actually clicked the bag from the top with the mouth open - you could then see how it looks inside too. Will keep it in mind for next time.

  4. Welcome to the group Samta! And I have to compliment you on your skills as a photographer and a stylist! Great Pictures!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Supriti

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